What does Fontenehuset i Oslo offer?

Fontenehuset i Oslo is a safe, social working community where you can work on a wide variety of tasks. Everything is on a voluntary basis, and you decide how often and how much you want to participate. At Fontenehuset i Oslo, all the work we do together helps improve self-confidence, builds relationships and promotes mastery.

At Fontenehuset i Oslo, you can get help to apply for employment or education. You can develop at your own pace and get support to help you achieve your goals. You can also get support to help you with practical challenges, find health services or contact government agencies.

Fontenehuset i Oslo is a rehabilitation program for anyone with a history of mental illness. Membership is free of charge and you can be member for as long as you want. At Fontenehuset i Oslo, there is always a need for you and we appreciate your willingness to come and take part in our community.

The clubhouse is divided into three units with different areas of responsibility, and you do not need previous experience to get involved in the work there. We work side by side and learn from each other. Together, we do everything that needs to be done to run our clubhouse.



  • Receptionist work

  • Administration/office work

  • Communications/social media

  • Tidying/cleaning

Maintenance, employment and education

  • Statistics

  • Accounts/finance

  • Janitorial services/maintenance/cleaning

  • Responsibility for transitional employment

Café and kitchen

  • Planning and making lunch

  • Running the café 

  • Purchasing/finance

  • Tidying up/washing up/cleaning


We are open every weekday from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. You can also take part in our recreational program, where we plan some social activities and enjoy spending time together. Every Wednesday and Sunday afternoon, we make dinner, and we organize events at Fontenehuset i Oslo on all major public holidays. You can take part in fitness training every Thursday, and join us on excursions in the summer.

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