About the model

The clubhouses are operated using an experience- and knowledge-based rehabilitation model that has been developed over the course of more than 70 years. The model emphasizes work and relationships. We believe that being part of a community where people work together has a rehabilitating effect on people with mental illness. We find that our members come out of isolation and take part in work and community life. The clubhouses result in fewer hospitalizations and better mental health. We offer a community where one can feel a sense of belonging and build up self-respect by taking part in the work of running Fontenehuset i Oslo. Everyone needs to know that there is a need for them in the community. At Fontenehuset i Oslo, we need each individual, and the work we do together helps you achieve experience and mastery.

Mental illness often strikes numerous aspects of life at the same time. At Fontenehuset i Oslo, you can therefore get support for returning to work or studies, finding housing, getting into contact with the support system or resolving practical challenges.

The model gives members an opportunity to achieve their personal goals. At Fontenehuset i Oslo, everything is voluntary, and members themselves choose how often and how much they want to participate. The clubhouses are organized so that anyone who has a history of mental illness can become a member. Membership is free of charge and without time limits. It is easy to contact us and no requisition or referral is required.

At Fontenehuset i Oslo, members and staff work together as colleagues in an equal partnership. Members can take part in all aspects of operations and in decision-making processes.

We also run a recreational program and organize events on holidays, which we plan and organize together.

Fontenehuset i Oslo

Fontenehuset i Oslo was established in the year 2000. We have more than 700 members altogether, and 14 staff members. Each day, an average of 56 members work in the building. Fifty-four percent of our active members are either in ordinary employment, internships or studying.

We are a private foundation that is independent of religion and politics. We are financed through funding from Oslo Municipality and the Directorate for Health; we also receive support from sponsors and partners, both financially and through services and practical contributions. We collaborate with employers that would like to offer our members work experience, and we organize initiatives for the Norwegian Labor and Welfare Administration (NAV).

Fontenehus Norway is our Norwegian umbrella organization. Fontenehuset i Oslo is also an international training base and offers other clubhouses training in the Clubhouse Model of rehabilitation.

Clubhouse International

The first clubhouse, Fountain House, was established in New York in 1948. A group of former patients got together to establish an offer for people who had been in psychiatric care, and found that negative attitudes made it difficult to find a job or housing.

There are currently roughly 300 clubhouses in the world. All the clubhouses are operated on the basis of the same rehabilitation model and they undergo an accreditation process every third year. Clubhouse International is our international umbrella organization, and we are also part of the European network entitled Clubhouse Europe. In collaboration with clubhouses all over the world, European and world conferences are organized every second year. The model is in continuous development, and all clubhouses can help make changes.



Fontenehuset i Oslo works in accordance with international standards. They represent the basic values of the clubhouse model.

Foundation and leadership

Fontenehuset i Oslo is a foundation with its own board. The Board's function is to help develop the clubhouse in compliance with the Foundation's Articles of Association.

 Board meetings are held every second month.  


Our largest contributor is Oslo Municipality.

We also receive state funding from the Directorate for Health.

Private sponsors have also provided significant sums over the years.