What is transitional employment?

Transitional employment is Fontenehuset's own work program, which we have run since 2001. It involves paid part-time positions of up to 50% in ordinary working life, where the employer pays ordinary wages. Each member has the job for 6 to 9 months, then it goes to the next member. The positions do not require any kind of formal competency, but they are structured and easy to learn. Fontenehuset i Oslo provides training for every member and offers close follow-up. We provide substitutes in the event of illness.

Our members want to contribute and show that they can do a good job. Transitional employment gives our members a fresh job reference and work experience, and has helped many of our members move on to ordinary jobs afterwards.

We offer a unique opportunity for employers who would like to promote corporate social responsibility. You can help make a difference for individuals and contribute to a more inclusive community.

Our transitional employers are listed here

Contact drift@fontenehuset.no for more information.