What is a clubhouse?

A clubhouse is a working community for people who have a history of mental illness. The clubhouse offers work-ordered rehabilitation combined with a social community. Voluntarism is key.


Who can become a member?

Anyone with a history of mental illness and who has a home address in Oslo.


Do I need a referral to become a member?



Does it cost anything to become a member?

No. Membership is free of charge and lasts for as long as you want it to.


Are there any requirements for conduct at the clubhouse?

Yes, you must be substance-free at the clubhouse. Also, you cannot act in a manner that threatens others.


Do I have to come every day if I become a member?

No, you decide for yourself when you want to use the clubhouse.


If I want to start to work or study, can I get help to do so?

Yes. The units in the clubhouse help and support members on their path back to society. As a member, you can get a chance to get a paid part-time position. You can also get help to find other paid employment or a trainee position. We support you if you want to start to study.


As a member, can I get help to contact the health service or other government agencies?

Yes, as a member, you are entitled to such support. A staff member or a member you trust can help you contact the various agencies, and accompany you to the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) or other appointments.


Is there any kind of treatment offered at Fontenehuset i Oslo?

No, there is no offer of treatment at the clubhouse, but we can help you to find a suitable offer.


Is Fontenehuset i Oslo accessible for the disabled?

We have an elevator with its own entrance from ground level.